Covert Razor Wire Saw

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It's a covert wire saw—hidden inside a nickel!

Not only will it fit in your pocket, it'll also cut through any material with less-than-diamond hardness!

See it in action here, as we conduct a 100% completely scientific test:



Never again shall rope, zip ties, wood, padlocks, PVC, or Diet Coke keep you prisoner!

The Covert Razor Wire Saw is a miniaturized saw developed for escape and emergency applications. The wire included is capable of cutting any material less hard than diamonds. So, unless you’re imprisoned in a fortress of diamonds, you’ll be prepared.

(Also, if you're in a fortress made of diamonds, congrats. You win at life.)

It looks just like a pair of innocent nickels, so it both evades detection and impresses people at parties. One of the nickels contains the saw wound around it and held in place with a gasket, and the other contains a similar groove cut in the edge; this is some real James Bond stuff here.

Wrap and twist one end of the 26-inch wire around one nickel and the other end around the other nickel, and you’re all set to saw through almost anything.

Machining coins is painstaking work, and if you own any gimmicked magic coins, you probably know that precision coins can cost $100 or more. But don't worry, the Covert Razor Wire Saw isn’t even half that price. Each one is just $34.99 PLUS it comes with one free replacement saw blade.

And it gets even better. Since we’re all excited about MRHQ and a little lightheaded from the 110 degree heat, for the first hundred orders, we put together a bundle option that includes:

  • The Covert Razor Wire Saw,
  • One Replacement Blade,
  • An 11-in-1 All Access Card Multi-Tool
  • Extra Credit 001: The Three Coin Trick, and
  • A Butterfly Bottle Opener!

That’s over $60 worth of stuff, for just $44.99!

That’s like getting cash back!

If you’re one of these lucky 100, that means you’ll be able to get the whole bundle for about the same price as the Covert Razor Wire Saw by itself. Awesome deal, right? Jump in today and be prepared to escape anything!

We also offer additional replacement blades here.