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Two reputation-making miracles.

Someone watches you instantly transform a stack of $1 bills into $100 bills while it's in their hand. A selected card rises out of a deck of cards that's inked on your skin. A perfect opener AND a perfect closer.

It’s a 2-in-1 bundle that lets you pull off both.

First up: A super-clean bill transformation.

Here's how First Hand looks: You take four dollars out of your wallet, show each one, fold them all in half, and place them into anyone’s OPEN hand.

After showing your hands are completely empty and showing both sides of your wallet, you just tap your wallet on the bills in their hand and they INSTANTLY change into four $100 bills. Again, you show your wallet on both sides and show that your hands are otherwise completely empty.

And the best part is that the $100 bills can be immediately examined.

This is the perfect effect to do when you want to capture attention. It’s ideal for street magic, bars and clubs, and just about anywhere you want a quick visual STUNNER.

There’s no palming or any sleight of hand required. You can even do it while completely surrounded. It’s so easy to learn and comes with special gimmicks and over 90 minutes of detailed video instruction.

Plus, the whole thing resets in seconds. And you can even customize your gimmicks for different styles of wallets and most foreign currencies.

There's also a non-gimmicked version of the effect included and a killer variation with a gift card that’s even more visual!

Even if you think you know what's going on, you'll appreciate the deceptive subtleties and attention to detail that are in this routine.

Now, let's double the astonishment with some David Blaine-level wizardry.

Have someone select a card from a deck of cards. Wait, is this going to be just a standard card trick? 100% nope. Any thought like that instantly goes away when they see you take a Sharpie and DRAW the image of a deck of cards on your naked arm.

Then it gets crazy. From the center of the hand-drawn deck, the inked outline of a single card visually rises out of the deck, on your skin, and then stops. It's their card—on your skin. In ink!

They can even examine your arm! There's nothing but skin and ink.

No plastic flaps, no fake skin. No extra card pieces. Nothing to palm or hide or steal. Just pure visual magic.

Your arm, the ink (and even the rest of your body) are 100% examinable. Plus, you can reset in about one minute. This is an effect they’ll be talking about for a long long time.

If purchased separately, both of these effects would cost almost $60, but right now, we’ve got both packaged together for HALF OFF while supplies last. Get yours today for just $29.