Molly Mayhem's 25¢ Tacos

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It's official: we found the absolute best looking coin bend of all time. It looks incredible. A real-world worker with an instant reset—plus you end clean!


It really looks like real magic. You place a half dollar on your hand, flip it over to show both sides, and then—upon your command—the coin slowly bends right in front of their eyes. All out in the open!

You then pick it up and toss a real bent half dollar onto the table for anyone to examine. Heck, they don’t even need to handle it; they can tell by the distinctive clink when it hits the table that a real half dollar, bent in half, is sitting right there.

This makes it a perfect trick for remote shows, or to show a group of people on your next video conference call. It looks so good!

It's called Molly Mayhem's 25¢ Tacos (which is probably the most punk rock title for a magic trick I've seen in a long time), and it comes with everything you need. Actually, it comes with MORE than everything you’ll need. 

You get TWO gimmicks, a pre-bent coin, special materials for setting everything up just right, and even some ingredients that allow you to keep the props looking great—performance after performance.

Matty, the creator behind Molly Mayhem, has thought of everything and included multiple rigging solutions that allow you to perform this whether you’re in a space where you control the angles (like on camera), or in a space where you want to be able to move around (like walking around from group to group).

With a bit of care, it'll last you hundreds and hundreds of performances.

You can get it right now for $99.99, but here’s the deal: Each of these is handcrafted and takes a lot of time to put together, so we don’t know how many of these Matty will be able to make. 

He’s agreed to meet demand up to 200 units, but we don’t know when we’ll hit that number. That means that, one way or another, we’ll only be able to offer this super visual coin bend for a limited time.

Oh, and you’re not going to find this anywhere else. No other stores are stocking this item. This is an exclusive opportunity for all of us, and it might not last long...

So, you can either tell the story of how you saw this super cool .gif in 2022 of the most amazing piece of coin magic—or you can actually own it, and have something no one else has.

…or should I say: no one else halves. Heh. Coin puns.

If you’re ready to lock in one for yourself, grab one today. Each of these will be made to order, so if you want to have yours ship in the first batch, jump in right now.

You are going to love seeing this in action. Even when you know what’s going on, it is so fun to do!

PS: Can't say it enough. This looks like a miracle. This is the kind of thing that could make you a star on TikTok.

And we get *maybe* 200 units and you can't find it anywhere else. If you're looking for something that will dazzle on camera, THIS IS IT.