The Pen of Greatness

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We made a Modern Rogue pen! We love it. You'll love it, guaranteed. We want this to be your new favorite pen.

Of course there's a story behind this bad boy, but the TL;DR is: 

This pen is great. It's a great pen. We want it to be your favorite pen.  It's the Modern Rogue Pen of Greatness.

Okay, full story here (in which I wax poetical and get all misty-eyed):

Real talk: I truly believe that writing down what you want from your own life is the closest thing to real magic I can believe in. 

In the video above, you heard me tell my story of how this one simple act completely changed my life and led directly to me living this crazy roller-coaster you've been watching for years.

Of course I couldn't have done it without you. You’re already a huge part of that success with every view you give our videos and every purchase you make.

...And I know it sounds cheesy, but we want to be a part of your big moments, too. Like when you write that last check that pays off your student debt, or you sign a contract for your first house.

During those big moments when you write your name, I'd be honored if you'd do it with this pen.

This is our latest: The Pen of Greatness. It looks super sleek, it has FOUR writing implements (three ink pen colors and a mechanical pencil), feels great in your hand, and has this cool gravity-activation selection mechanism.

This ain’t some $2 disposable plastic pen for sure. But it also isn’t some $400 fountain pen you lock away and never use. We want this to be your favorite pen, that you keep and use forever, for all the best and biggest moments in your life. So we’re offering everyone who buys one right now a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee (scroll down for details).

Doesn’t matter what happens. If it breaks, we’ll replace it. If it runs out of ink, we’ll replace it. If it becomes possessed by the spirit of an evil demon, we’ll replace it with a pen that we’ve blessed and cleansed. Just send it back and get a new one. Heck, we’ll even replace it if you run over it by accident. For life! 

Or as long as we’re humanly able.

Not even a $400 fountain pen comes with a guarantee like this. In fact, no other pen is gravity-activated, has three pens and a pencil, and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. 

(and if there is... then it certainly doesn't *also* have our logo on it. So there.)

And most important, no other pen represents our friendship and stands as a symbol of your badassery, your modern rogueness, and your participation in this crazy journey with us.

The Pen of Greatness is the last pen you’ll ever need, guaranteed for life, gravity activated, and available right now for just $24.99. Even comes in a cool magnetic box. 

Are you ready for your greatest moments? Grab the Pen of Greatness today and let us come along for the ride.


Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

A lot of people can't believe the offer is really this good, but it is!

Yes: The lifetime replacement guarantee applies worldwide.

Yes: If there's anything wrong with the pen, just send it back to us, and we'll repair or replace it for free.

Yes: All you have to do is send it back with your order number, name, and email address.

If you ever need to take advantage of the guarantee, send your pen to this address:

Bizarre Magic Inc
7708 Thomas Springs Rd
Austin, TX 78736

It would help to include a note with your current address to ensure we send your pen to the right place. Be sure to allow 4-6 weeks for replacement delivery.