REGENERATION from theory11

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This is your secret weapon of mass deception.

This is something you will save for that special pivotal moment when you need to simply BLOW THEM AWAY. Regeneration will leave them speechless. An earth shattering effect from the working repertoire of Cyril Takayama, Justin Willman, Dan White, and now ... you.



The spectator selects a card and signs it on both sides. The card remains in their hands the entire performance. The card is VISIBLY and AUDIBLY torn in the spectator's hands. You can even have the spectator tear it themselves.

The card is then COMPLETELY restored.

Once restored, the spectator can examine the card—and keep it forever.

Regeneration is not the best T&R effect we've seen this year; it's the best torn and restored card effect we've seen in the past DECADE.

The corner is truly torn and completely restored at the end. And you can do it surrounded. Created by Blake Vogt, this effect has been a closely guarded secret practiced by only a select few.

Regeneration contains everything you need to start performing right away. Blake covers several in-depth routines. Each gimmick is handcrafted by Jeremy Hanrahan with extreme precision. Fifteen complete, handcrafted gimmicks are included. EACH gimmick takes a full 24 hours to make.

The cards look and feel completely normal—even in the spectator's hands, and the effect is almost entirely self working!