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The plot couldn't be simpler: their card, shuffled in a deck, rises mysteriously as if pushed by an invisible demon's finger.

It's visual, it's kinetic, and it's totally inexplicable...Pretty metal, right?

There's a billion ways to pull this off. You could go totally gimmickless by using your pinky like so:

...and that works great in an impromptu setting (as long as nobody's standing at your side).

A better version would happen in your volunteer's hands, right?  Well, there are special fake-decks that do that, too... but they really can't be examined. They can only perform the one trick, and they feel like bricks of machinery painted to look like a deck of cards.

(...mainly because they're bricks of machinery painted to look like a deck of cards.)

No, no, no...  the best version of the rising card?  The perfect version of the rising card?  It'd use a regular deck, a random (even signed) card, and once you'd set the gimmick, you could perform countless other effects, all the while prepped to make their card levitate out of the deck at any time.

Each trick you perform only serves as more proof that there's nothing gimmicked or unusual... Until finally you place the deck in their hands and watch them freak out as their selected card levitates out of the deck.

Sleeper from Theory 11 is that perfect version of the rising card.

Unlike other methods, the deck can be shuffled, spread on the table... even held in the spectator's own hands. Sleeper doesn't require any sleight of hand and it's easy to learn and perform. The gimmick does the work for you and stays completely under your control, allowing you to have the chosen card wait or "sleep" until you're ready to perform the routine.

Check it out on this week's Behind the Scam:


Each copy of Sleeper comes with a gimmick (that can be used hundreds of times) and an in-depth training video from my buddy Blake Vogt, an incredibly prolific and experienced performer and consultant who has worked with the best-of-the-best, from David Copperfield to David Blaine, Dynamo, Troy, and Dan White!