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"Okay, fine.  I'm dumb and my reputation is a total lie."  

                       -- Me, the moment I started playing with Sub Rosa

First off:  understand that there's nothing wrong with being fooled.  We're all junkies chasing our first high.  There's nothing we want more than to have our brains completely broken like when were were 10 years old... only to have our faith in humanity restored when we truly grasp how it was done.

That's exactly what I felt with Sub Rosa.

I watched the videos, I heard the stories, and was completely fooled... but it wasn't until I got hands-on that I hit that satisfying *click* of understanding.

Sub Rosa is a delight, and so very worth the price.  

It allows you to flawlessly control a single card - or group of cards - in a shuffled deck. The spectator can take the deck and examine it to their heart’s content. They can even shuffle the deck themselves as many times as they desire. Yet you will maintain complete control the entire time.

I can't believe how powerful this effect is, yet it's so incredibly easy to pull off.  You'll have the basic concept down in a few minutes.  And I'm not kidding you:  I completely fooled myself the first time I pulled it off.  It's so simple, yet undetectable.

Check it out on this week's Behind the Scam:

This technique has been mentioned in print only a handful of times throughout history. It's brilliant, elegant, and diabolical... and now it's yours. You're like Magneto now (only younger and more handsome).

Sub Rosa is just $34.95 and includes a 40-minute instructional video to learn a variety of tips and applications, PLUS you'll get two special handcrafted decks - a beginner's version to help you get started and an advanced version that is nearly undetectable.