Extra Credit 09: Invisible Thread Starter Kit

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Extra Credit is back with The Fundamentals of Invisible Thread, where Daniel Garcia walks us through the basics of thread work, and you get to lock in a lifetime supply of invisible thread for only $24.99!

Imagine being able to float dollar bills in midair, have cards spin in orbit around your body, make someone's borrowed sunglasses flip over, eerily open the drawer of a box of matches, or cause a deck of cards to split itself in half!

With the Invisible Thread Starter Kit, you can do all of this and so much more. The possibilities are infinite!



The Invisible Thread Starter Kit comes with everything you need:

  • Three thousand feet of the best invisible thread (a strand 30-feet long, made up of about 100 invisible thread filaments),
  • A generous supply of tack putty to keep the gimmick in place, and
  • 40 minutes of video instruction with several amazing effects, multiple setups, and professional handling tips!
  • Unlimited refills of invisible thread. You read that right. For as long as you're actually using it, we'll keep restocking you—3,000 feet at a time.

Your instructions give you the chance to sit in on a 40-minute session as Brian learns and chats with Daniel Garcia, one of the genius consultants behind David Blaine's work.

Danny and Brian spend 40 minutes taking you through all the fundamentals of thread magic and they show you exactly what to do to go out there and be so amazing you could start a new religion.

This video doesn't exist anywhere else and contains ideas and tips that have never been seen before!

That's 40 minutes with one of the top consultants in magic, learning the fundamentals of one of the best opening effects in close-up magic, and a literal lifetime supply of invisible thread.

All for $24.99!

NOTE: kit includes thread, wax/tack, and instructions—just in case you thought we were throwing in the hunk of rope from that picture. Lifetime supply applies to the thread only and not to any other part of the kit or packaging. Also, have a nice day.