Lace Escape Tool - Escape From Handcuffs!

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The Lace Escape Tool is an actual handcuff key that clamps discretely to the end of your boot or shoe lace and is covered by a rubber aglet.

There you are, handcuffed in the trunk of an '87 Honda Accord. In the distance, you can hear your Robot Pirate Ninja kidnappers laughing and smoking e-cigarettes.

Son of a biscuit! You think. If only I had that expensive Rogue's Ring I saw on Scam Stuff... I could escape from these cuffs, jimmy open this trunk latch, and escape. From there, all I'd need to do is improvise an EMP device and these robot kidnappers would be done for!

But that ring was just out of my price range... DAMN! What do you have against guys on a budget, Scam Stuff?? If only there was a simple, cheap way to open handcuffs that was reliable, always on my body, and covert enough to evade detection...

"But there is." A strange voice booms.

Wait, what? Is... is that Brian Brushwood's voice?

"Yep. It's totes me, bro. And I heard your pleas. That's why we now carry the Lace Escape tool. It's a simple device that clamps to the end of your boot or shoe lace. Once it's covered with the rubber aglet, nobody will suspect that you're wearing an actual handcuff key on your body at all times. Pretty sweet, right?"

"Oh, and the best part is that it's less than $20 bucks. I took the liberty of using a time machine to put one on your left bootlace last week."

With trembling fingers, you reach down to your boot. There it is!

Thanks Ghost Brian Brushwood from the Future! I now feel bad for making fun of your hairstyle.

"Whatever, jerk."

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For the ultimate escape plan, pair this with the Rogue's Ring.