The Lock-Proof Pen — Pick Locks & Break Glass!

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You gotta understand what a big deal this is.  

Jeff and I were sporting sweet mustaches as we hunted for the coolest products to bring our fellow Modern Rogues. We were searching smoky dive bars, illegal gambling halls, the prize section of Chuck-E-Cheeses ...  You know, super shady spots.

Anyway, we'd just left the Bootleg Medical Devices district and were about to hit up Little Uzbekistan, when we stopped cold: We were suddenly faced with the most amazing pen we've ever seen.

The moment I touched it, I grew two inches taller. Just by looking at it, Jeff suddenly knew how to change a carburetor.

There was only one problem: It was discontinued world-wide. There was no possible way for us to get more for Scam Stuff.

...Until now.

The Lock-Proof Pen holds within a secret -- inside is hidden a full set of 5 lock picks. This thing is the best. Plus, with every pen we include a mini tactical flashlight (batteries included too) so you'll be prepared to bust open those pesky locks in any circumstance. 

Check it out:

As if carrying around a secret stash of lock picks wasn't enough, the Lock-Proof Pen also sports a built-in self-defense crown and a built-in emergency glass breaker that is unbelievably effective. Trapped in a car that's sinking to the bottom of the ocean? BOOM! The Lock-Proof Pen will save your ass. Check it out!

Yeah, let's see your previous-favorite, fancy-ass fountain pen do that.

You can also get the pen PLUS our exposed transparent padlock trainer. This padlock allows you to peer into the lock to see how the basic mechanisms work, helping you get a better idea for what picking techniques are most effective.

This way, you'll be able to get plenty of practice in prior to any unexpected entanglements.


Please note, an "official" tension wrench does not fit within the design of the Lock-Proof pen, but you can still pick locks by MacGyvering a tension wrench with a paper clip or bending one of the picks in the pen to use it as a tension wrench.