Badassify Your Wallet Bundle!

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Escape speeding tickets! Saw through zip ties! Open almost anything! Defend yourself from pesky ninjas! Do all of that and more (probably!) with this 3-pack of wallet badassery including our Credit Card Knife, All-Access Card, and Get Out of Jail Free Card.

Get a complete wallet makeover with these 3 essential items!

The Credit Card Knife: It's a credit card... that TRANSFORMS INTO A FREAKING KNIFE! With its elegant design, you can conceal this ingenious tool in your wallet until you need it.

The All-Access Card: Don't be thrown off by its simplicity or slimness... this card's got it where it counts. It opens cans, saws through objects, loosens bolts, and performs countless other tasks. You'll be ready for anything.

Get Out of Jail Free Card: Want to know the trick to getting out of a speeding ticket? If you can make the cop laugh: you win. That's where this Opportunity Card comes in. After you're pulled over, all you have to do is whip this out and you're home free.