The Kraken

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An unbelievable 18 MONTHS in the making, The Kraken is far and away our most immersive puzzle-box experience yet!

Buckle up for a FULL YEAR of treasure hunts, challenges and adventures.

It all starts here: a brand-new puzzle box made of cabinet-grade maple veneer built to last 100 years.

The KRAKEN is far and away the most in-depth, story rich experience we've ever created.

Check out the video:

It took a whole team of designers over six months to illustrate this wonderful Heart of Darkness-inspired visual journey.

Travel the globe in an alternate 19th century as you unlock the secret of The Kraken.

Take any of three different paths to solve the puzzle of this beast: a risky one for warriors, an elegant one for the gentleman, and a wild one for scoundrels.

Once inside, you'll discover a premium Bronze Steampunk deck of playing cards, designed by theory11 and featuring the gold-standard Bicycle air cushion finish of the United States Playing Card Company.

These are becoming harder and harder to find, and we love the way the look and feel of the deck complements the essence of the Kraken.

Next, in the heart of the box you'll uncover something uniquely yours:  an individually-numbered challenge coin in a beautiful antique copper finish.

This is the first time since 2017 we've offered a brand new challenge coin (FIVE whole years!!), and just like the ones that came before, this one possesses the same wizard powers:

Just like our previous coins: sooner or later we're going to meet in person. And when that day comes, anyone who flashes this coin to me in person is entitled to a free drink of their choice, right there on the spot.

But here's the best part: the Kraken has one more surprise.

Inside, you'll find a card with what looks like alien pictograms. Once you solve this last puzzle, you begin a year-long puzzle journey.

For the next year, you'll be on a series of treasure hunts and quests, exploring corners of the internet and traveling all around the globe. Updates will come every month for a full year, and they're all part of one long adventure.

We couldn't be more proud or excited. This is the first puzzle box offering we've had in close to 18 months, and they are going to go fast.

The Kraken is shipping first come, first served. That means these will not only be shipped in the order received, they'll also be assigned individual challenge coin numbers in the order received.

Get the bragging rights of the lowest number and the earliest shipping by pre-ordering yours right now.