Learn to Palm Cards! Extra Credit 5, 6, and 7

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This bundle includes:
Extra Credit 005: Basic Card Palming
Extra Credit 006: The Side Steal
Extra Credit 007: One-Handed Top Palm

Total run time: 75 minutes

Once you know how to palm cards, you can have a card selected, put back into the deck, and hand your mark the deck while you palm out a card.  Your mark can shuffle the deck as much as they want, and once they hand you back the deck, the card is right on top.  Then it's in your power to make the card appear anywhere you freaking want to.

Extra Credit 005 goes through the basics of bad palming and good palming.  A lot of people start off learning bad habits with palming and they get stuck with them for years to come.  We'll help you understand what makes a good palm and what makes a bad palm.  We also walk through an easier way to glide the palm into position, as well as an easy-to-learn palm-to-number performance that relies on the basics taught in this episode.

In Extra Credit 006, you'll learn how to do the Side Steal.  The Side Steal is a way you can have a card selected and completely angle-proof – no matter how many people are around you, no matter what situation you're in, no matter if you're on stage or with people on the street.  You're able to hold the cards in a very natural position, and yet get the card into palm position... and then you can make it appear freaking anywhere – in your pocket, shoe, a cup across the room... you get the idea...

In Extra Credit 007 you'll learn how to pull of the One-Handed Top Palm – one of the most powerful methods to palm a card.  You have a card selected, placed back into the deck, and just in the brief few seconds of you handing them the deck, you're able to palm the card right under their noses – but they'll never see it.