Scam School Academy

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It's finally here! The physical version of Scam School Book 2: Fire, made flesh as Scam School Academy.

The best book I've ever written is now available, published by a FOR-REALS, LEGIT-ASS PUBLISHER.  (They love it when I call them that.) 

All our best pranks, scams, and kick-ass magic tricks make the leap from ebooks to the second published Scam School book:  Scam School Academy.

I could not be more proud.  At 300-plus pages, this book is bigger, better, and more badass than the original (sorry, book 1!).  Scam School Academy is legitimately the single most advanced book of easy magic tricks ever created.  

You'll learn how to use non–-dairy creamer to create 3-foot columns of fire! You'll read minds. Predict the future. Pull off nasty pranks that leave your friends feeling foolish and make you look like a BOSS. 

See if you can tell how excited I am about it on this week's Behind the Scam:

My favorite part is that Scam School Academy is packed with over 160 QR codes that link to special video illustrations, episodes, even audio commentary tracks for every single trick!


Imagine how much easier it is to learn when the illustrations leap to life on your smartphone, as if you're reading some Harry Potter book of spells.