Scam School Book 1: Smoke (Enhanced Digital Release)

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This is a digital release. For the physical copy of the book, head over here.

It's DRM-free and includes the ePub, .mobi, and PDF versions of the best-selling book. 

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Win free drinks, impress the girl, and become the center of the party using over 80 tricks from the award-winning series Scam School!

Watch Brian and Justin Robert Young's Live Release event for Scam School Book 1: Smoke:

Scam School Book 1's media-rich format allows you to learn tricks with unprecedented depth, supported by hundreds of photos, over 40 videos, and 70+ audio commentaries... Scam School Book 1 is the most advanced magic instruction book created to date.  Named a "Top Video Podcast" of 2008 and 2009 by iTunes, Scam School covers everything from street crime, cons, and hustles to bar scams, mind-reading, and magic tricks. 

This book is a collection of the very best tricks, hand-picked from over 200 episodes of the show. Imagine the eye-popping surprise on your friend's face when you summon smoke from nowhere... Or the shock on the girl's face when you READ HER MIND! 

Imagine knowing that in any bar, in any situation, you can be entertaining enough to spend the whole night drinking for free. ...And best of all, Scam School Book 1 goes WITH you to the bar! Keep a copy on your smartphone, and you'll be able to review your tricks just seconds before performing them on your friends.