Extra Credit 02: 7 False Shuffles and Cuts

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This is an extra-special double-sized, 40+ minute long tutorial, teaching you 7 false shuffles and cuts.

In this second episode, we learn 3 false cuts and 4 false shuffles that can be used in hundreds of situations.  After shooting this episode, we ended up with enough footage for two whole 20 minute episodes, but instead of breaking it up into two parts, we decided to put double the content in this single episode.  Brian will teach you how these false shuffles work, why they work, and what techniques you can apply to pull off a top-notch performance.  So grab a deck of cards, follow along, and start impressing your friends with these killer false cuts and shuffles.

What is Extra Credit?  Soon into the launch of Scam School, I frequently had requests to teach larger, more complicated tricks and feats on the show. The problem is, Scam School has always been about learning a simple concept that, even after a few beers, you could half-remember the episode and still have a decent chance at pulling it off.  Extra Credit is for those of you who want to give some extra time and effort to practicing a more advanced technique.  While you'll be devoting more time, man is it going to be worth it – if what you've learned on Scam School has scored you a fair share of free cold ones, Extra Credit is going to do you wonders.  Give me $2 and 20 minutes and I'll go through all you need to know for these more advanced routines.