Mint Box by Daniel Garcia

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Minty Miracles!


Daniel Garcia is a genius of magic creation. We all agree on that part, right?  

Good. Because Danny’s just topped himself by creating one of the best everyday-carry utility props I’ve ever seen.

You're going to fool yourself with Mint Box. It's that good.

Spectacular engineering. Everything self-contained in an innocent looking tin. Imagine knowing that no matter where you go, you carry miracles in your pocket.

A freely selected, signed card vanishes from the deck and appears inside the Mint Box. 

And that’s just the beginning of what you can do. Check out Danny performing it for real people:

Packs small; plays big!

Daniel Garcia is one of magic's greatest creators, consultant to all of your favorite television magicians, and a good friend of ours.

Mint Box is his latest and most anticipated release. It's diabolically powerful, super visual, and practically self-working. You'll never leave home without it.

There's nothing to add or take away. Do it completely surrounded. It's extremely easy to use with no difficult sleight of hand. Even the reset is so fast and smooth it can be performed right in front of your audience!

As soon as you discover the secret mechanism, you'll freak out. It's delightful.

Each Mint Box is individually hand-made to precise standards so the quality is absolutely top-notch. And each unit comes with a red Bicycle gimmick and access to 30 minutes of instructional video from Daniel Garcia himself.

You'll learn the complete handling and multiple variations so you’re ready for any scenario thrown your way!

All this for only... oh, I don’t know... $3,000?

Just kidding. It’d totally be worth it for that, but we're in luck. Mint Box is just $60.

We only have a handful of these and once they're gone, we don't know when they'll be available again since they take a lot of time to make. So if you want a pocket full of miracles, jump in today and show your love for our good friend and magical badass Daniel Garcia.