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Learn the secrets of bending wrenches with your BARE HANDS from Grandmaster Dennis Rogers!

This video course includes demonstrations, special commentary from Dennis, and an interview with Dennis and yours truly. Learn for yourself how it's possible for mere human muscle and bone to bend steel.

If you've been a fan of Scam School since the beginning, you probably already know who Dennis Rogers is.

If not, you're in for a wild ride. Dennis Rogers is a former world-champion arm-wrestler, pound-for-pound currently the world's strongest man, and one of my favorite people on this planet.

I first met Dennis back in 2003 when I was touring with Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, and Brooks and Dunn (yes, this is a real thing that happened, and do I ever have stories to tell).

Grandmaster strongman Dennis Rodgers teaches us the impossible - how to bend a wrench!

The first time I ever saw Dennis perform, I was blown away: He bent steel wrenches with his bare hands. He rolled up frying pans like they were newspapers. He slammed roofing nails through two-by-fours with only his hands! Just look at the kind of stuff he can do.

Dennis holding back a Harley Davidson!

Dennis lifting a refrigerator with ONE FINGER!

Dennis prevents two U.S. Air Force T-34s from taking off!

The effect on crowds was electric. Everyone stopped to watch, and everywhere he went, Dennis's feats were the only thing people could talk about.

He's toured the world, appeared on just about every TV talk show you can think of, and broken a gazillion records. He's recognized as the world's only currently-performing strongman Grandmaster.

For years, he's kept his training techniques close to his vest— not just his workout regimen, but the techniques he uses to gauge every item he bends, breaks, slams, and twists. After all, why make it easy for his competition to steal all his signature effects?

That is, until now.

As Dennis gets closer to retirement age, he confesses he's more interested in training a new generation of strength-feat enthusiasts. He's cemented his reputation as an entertainer over an extraordinary four-decade run, and now he wants to secure his legacy as the educator for a new generation of strongmen.

Dennis has had a few students, often paying thousands of dollars to learn from his expertise. But now he's releasing his definitive educational materials, teaching each of his signature routines.

It all starts with this course: How to Bend Wrenches. And I mean it: Dennis is holding nothing back. Every trade secret, technique, and training system he uses to bend wrenches and other metal objects is detailed in here.

This first course is fantastic. By the time you're finished, you'll understand how it's possible for mere human muscle and bone to bend steel. You'll never look at wrenches, screwdrivers, nails and rebar the same again. Hell, if you've got the strength, you can even start training today!

Dennis is so excited about what we're doing with the Modern Rogue and Scam Stuff that he came to us to make a special offer on How to Bend Wrenches. Normally this first course is $60, but we're excited to debut it on Scam Stuff for just $44.99, available as a digital download you can receive RIGHT NOW.

You'll get an hour-long video filled with demonstrations, special commentary from Dennis, and an interview with Dennis and yours truly.

More importantly, you'll get the all-important 80-page manuscript from Dennis that covers EVERYTHING, from technique to workouts.

Man, you're about to begin an amazing journey. By the time you're done, ladies will be lining up to get your number, Arnold Schwarzenegger will write you fan letters, and grandmas from across the globe will be bringing you their jelly jars to open.*

These techniques are used to bend hammers, tire irons, and so much more. Once you learn these basics, you'll be putting your strength to the max on any feat you attempt.

Can't wait to hear what you think!

*I can't guarantee any of this...I just have a weakness for hyperbole.

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