The Rogue's Ultimate Magic Wallet

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Included with every Rogue's Ultimate Magic Wallet: Three card palming episodes of Extra Credit!

Your demands for a wallet in the Rogue's collection were not echoes in the abyss. We spent a year researching our absolute best options and we teamed up with Peter Nardi from Alakazam Magic UK to bring you the best wallet in the history of the business.

Check out this episode of Behind the Scam!

Most magic wallets include one or two hidden features, but the Rogue's Ultimate Magic Wallet is the Swiss army knife of magic wallets, equipped with five hidden features that you can use in hundreds of ways, keeping those free beers coming at the bar.

The wallet includes the following functionality:

  • Card to wallet
  • Peek device
  • Multiple outs
  • Switching wallet
  • Index system

There are hundreds effects you can pull off with these features, check out this Scam School episode where we covered an effect you can do with a switching wallet:

Additionally, as a part of the Rogue's Line, the wallet features 20 glyphs on one of its inside panels, representing the wallet's hidden features as well as a variety of money-related Scam School effects that you can pull off with bills and coins.

The wallet includes access to a special video of Brian walking through each of the five hidden features and all 20 of the wallet's glyphs.

Each wallet is individually laser-etched with its unique unit number. The first wallet printed is labeled "Unit 0001", the second "Unit 0002", and so on.

In addition to numbering each wallet, we will throw all Three Extra Credit episodes on palming!