Escape from Thumbcuffs

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Need a big finale at the bar?  Escape like Houdini with a pair of thumbcuffs!

They're smaller, more convenient, and more impressive than handcuffs... and yet *easier* to escape from!

Oh man, the thumbcuffs episode of Scam School is one of my all-time favorites. And now that we're carrying thumbcuffs on Scam Stuff, there's really no excuse to not try this one out on your friends.

If you want to pull off an escape bet at the bar, thumbcuffs are the best way to go.  The small size lets you easily throw a pair in your back pocket, yet they maintain the effectiveness of traditional handcuffs.  Strap your buddy into these, and watch him squirm to get out...  It really will be virtually impossible for him to escape, and he'll be convinced they're legit (which, of course, they are).

Now here comes your big performance:  He's convinced there's nothing tricky about the thumb cuffs (and again, they really are 100% legit), you have him lock you in nice and tight...

...And 5 seconds later, you've already escaped. 

I'm telling you, it looks like real magic.  They'll have no rational explanation for what they just saw.  They'll want to inspect the thumbcuffs (which they're welcome to do), but they'll never figure out your secret.

Your secret?  It's all in the position of your thumbs when they lock you in.

When locking the thumbcuffs, pinch your thumbs down as you see above as tightly as you can.  This will fatten up the midsection of your thumbs, so they can click the ratchets as tight as they're able, yet the moment you relax your thumbs, you'll have plenty of room to slip out in no time.

Dan Martin joined us on Scam School to show us how easy it really is to escape from these things... as long as you know the secret ahead of time.

You can be your own world-renowned escape artist with a 3-beer investment for a *lifetime* of notoriety at the bar!  Just imagine how cool you'll look, knowing you've got a big escape finale in your back pocket at all times... PLUS you'll be able to restrain any robot pirate ninjas you subdue after leaving the bar.

See?  It's win-win!