The Invisible Deck

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So you're at the bar, performing tricks and blowing minds when he shows up.

The skeptic.  The cynic.  The...douchebag.

The guy who's convinced he knows how all your tricks are done.  He might not say it to your face, but you can see him whispering in the background.  From his gestures, it's clear he's got one mission:  to take you down a peg.

If you want to defeat this level 8 asshat, you're going to need a completely unbustable, utter miracle of an effect.  Something that works 100% of the time, and simply defies reason.

You need the invisible deck.

This is a special, completely awesome trick deck of cards that will allow you to prove that you correctly predicted any named card.  It requires no sleight of hand, and is one of the most important decks in the entire world of magic.

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