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5 years of development has created one of the most elegant, fun mind reading routines in Brian Brushwood's stage show.

Simpatico is a stage effect suitable for audiences ranging from 15 to 2,500 people. In it, the performer selects two random volunteers who appear to read each other's minds. The best part? Not only is the audience floored, but no one person understands how the effect was accomplished (except you, 'natch).

I don't know exactly what it is about Simpatico that makes it such a hit...  I mean, I eat fire, break bricks over my head, and stick nails in my eyes... but after every single show, one of the most popular questions is, "Yeah, but how did you get those two guys to read each other's minds?"

I honestly wish I knew what exactly makes Simpatico so... damn... perfect.  But I don't.  I love it because it's not the magician reading someone else's mind in the same power play we've seen a million times. I love it because there's no stooging or setups before the show... the volunteers really are selected live, in the middle of the routine.  I love it because every time I turn around the first image, people laugh because it's so obviously wrong... and then their laughter turns to astonishment as the second image is revealed.  If you're not familiar with this routine, check out the "Behind the Scam" episode, where you can see highlights: