Mayhem Sticker Pack

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You have no idea how excited I am to launch our latest Scam School original project:  MAYHEM packs. These are collections of 13 different high-quality vinyl stickers designed to throw people for a loop out in the wild. From UPC codes that make any item ring up as "Vagisil Anti-Itch Cream" to labels explaining that "This unit is VOICE activated," everything in the MAYHEM pack is designed to mess with people and wonder "WTF??"

Here's the latest Behind the Scam episode, where I explain what we're up to:

Choose your Degree of Awesomeness to select the tier that best suits your needs.

The Standard Mayhem Set includes one of each of the 13 Mayhem Stickers. Plus, we'll throw in 6 exclusive bonus stickers to sweeten the deal. That's 19 unique different stickers for causing mayhem and branding your surroundings with pure badassery. Plus 11 NEW Modern Rogue Stickers!

TOTAL MAYHEM includes TRIPLE the stickers of the Standard Mayhem Pack, plus TRIPLE the exclusive bonus stickers! That's a whopping 90 high quality vinyl stickers!  If you're a professional creator of hysteria and chaos, why are you even considering the other options? Go TOTAL MAYHEM.

*These stickers are for personal use only. Under no circumstances should you violate public property or private property that does not belong to you. By purchasing this product, you agree that you are fully responsible for your own actions with this product.

"Don't break no laws!" —Brian Brushwood