Modern Rogue Medical-Grade Masks

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Yes, this is really a thing.

Yes, it feels crazy. But it also feels right and most importantly: we only get one run to do this insane crazy thing. Want in?

Medical. Grade. Equipment. From the Modern Rogue.


Look, here's the thing: we're finally about to go back into the world. Me? I already got the bug, and I'm about to get the vaccine, too. Same with my wife and kid.

Most of the team already got the poke, and there's this awesome sense that . . . any minute now . . . 

HOLY COW WE'RE ABOUT TO GO BACK INTO THE WORLD. It's really about to happen!

Maybe not this week or this month . . . but soon.

So I started making friends with a mask manufacturer here in Austin, and learning how their FDA-approved medical devices are made.

We've done a bunch of videos learning which masks work best and in what conditions.

(Shocker: pulling a T-shirt over your face works better than those neck-gaiters that sports people are wearing. That one surprised me.)

I think it's safe to say that when you think Modern Rogue, you probably don't think "responsible safety."

Which is why I'm unbelievably excited for this:

We are doing a very limited run of MR-branded, top-quality medical grade disposable masks.

Yes, you read that right.

Here's the goal: on the EXACT ASSEMBLY LINE where these guys are making masks used for OPEN HEART SURGERIES, we get to make a very short run of our very own medical-grade masks.

And they're insane looking.

Here's my thinking: this is the year we go back into the world, and I don't know about you, but I hate the thought of being judged for wearing a certain inferior type of mask (or even not wearing a mask at all... because, yes, there are times that's appropriate, too).

So, what would be a COMPLETELY CRAZY, no-lose, Modern Rogue type of solution to this?

Well, first: it'd be a mask that is undeniably top-of-the-line. Made from the stuff doctors use. If it's good enough for open-heart surgery, it's good enough for us.

Second: it'd be a mask made right in front of Brian's goofy, smiling face, manufactured right here in Austin, Texas.

And third: it would have a truly unique design that nobody in their right mind would copy. The kind of thing that would be a beacon to everyone at every convention, party, comedy club and restaurant that screams, "CUZ I'M A MODERN ROOOOOOGUE!!!!"

That way, when we finally meet in the wild, I'll instantly know who to hug.

Luckily, we've got grownups handling the safety for us. Armbrust USA is top-of-the-line:

• 99.2% bacterial and particulate filtration
• FDA-listed surgical masks*
• ASTM Level 3 Certification

*or at least they would have been, except we changed one ear loop color. So technically these are a brand-new device merely manufactured in an FDA-registered USA factory here in Austin.

Our goal is to get you enough of these to last you a while. You can always wear "anyday" masks whenever, but we want these to be your special "steppin' out" masks.

If you use one a week, a single pack should last you a year. Feel free to buy two if you're worried, because we don't know if we'll ever be able to do this again.

It’s $50 for 50 masks. We know that’s not the cheapest, but this isn’t about wearing cheap masks. This is about supporting a community that you belong to, and looking super badass while doing it.

It's about us knowing that we love you from across the room. It's about you feeling just a little bit smug, because you know you're rocking best-of-breed filtration.

It's a bold, silly, audacious move, that has us all rocking medical-grade equipment and feeling like champs.

You in? Because I'm stoked.

Grab a pack right this minute!