Modern Rogue T-Shirts

Modern Rogue T-Shirts

 $32.99  $29.99

Guys.  Are you digging The Modern Rogue? Because now you can support it directly and look like a total badass at the same time. 

It took us forever, but finally...  WE'VE GOT RAD T-SHIRTS! 

Three different designs, each one an aspect of The Modern Rogue:

Vanguard - The shirt for the Warrior.  Bold, direct and strong.  Printed on a cardinal-red shirt.

Silverton - The Gentleman's T-shirt.  Elegant, simple, and refined. Printed on a jet-black shirt.

Amendment 21 - For the Scoundrel (naturally).  Celebrating the greatest advancement in American freedom.  Printed on a silver-gray shirt.

So here's the thing:  The Modern Rogue is just getting its feet off the ground, and we're unbelievably proud of how much we've grown in just the first few weeks...  But to grow, we need your help.  Know that 100% of your T-shirt purchase is going directly to support the ongoing launch of our silly little show.  

We want to do the Modern Rogue forever, and this is a way you can make that happen.

Let us know which design is your favorite with the poll below:
Which design is your favorite?
Amendment 21