The Lock-Proof Pen - Pick Locks and Break Glass!

The Lock-Proof Pen - Pick Locks and Break Glass!


Two ways to grab the Lock-Proof Pen! Just use the drop-down menu above.

  • Grab the pen by itself in all of its glass-breaking lock-picking glory or
  • Get the Lock-Proof Pen + Exposed Padlock Trainer 

You gotta understand what a big deal this is. Here, let's set the wayback machine to the early days of  

Jon and I are sporting sweet mustaches as we hunt for the coolest products to bring our fellow modern rogues.  We're searching smoky dive bars, illegal gambling halls, the prize section of Chuck-E-Cheeses...  You know, super shady spots.

Anyway, we'd just left the Bootleg Medical Devices district and were about to hit up Little Uzbekistan, when we stop cold:  We were suddenly faced with the most amazing pen we've ever seen.

The moment I touched it, I grew two inches taller.  Just by looking at it, Jon suddenly knew how to change a carburetor.

There was only one problem:  It was discontinued world-wide.  There was no possible way for us to get more for Scam Stuff.

...Until now.

The Lock-Proof Pen holds within a secret -- inside is hidden a full set of 5 lock picks.  This thing is the best.  Plus, with every pen we include a mini tactical flashlight (batteries included too) so you'll be prepared to bust open those pesky locks in any circumstance. 

Check it out on this week's Behind the Scam:

As if carrying around a secret stash of lock picks wasn't enough, the Lock-Proof Pen also sports a built-in self-defense crown and a built-in emergency glass breaker that is unbelievably effective.  Trapped in a car that's sinking to the bottom of the ocean? BOOM! The Lock-Proof Pen will save your ass. Check it out!

Yeah, let's see your previous-favorite, fancy-ass fountain pen do that.

Now we don't expect you to be able to pick a lock first try... so rather than start learning to pick locks the moment you're behind bars, we're offering two bundles to get you started.

First up, for $54.99, you can get the pen PLUS our exposed padlock trainer.  This cutaway padlock allows you to peer into the lock to see how the basic mechanisms work, helping you get a better idea for what picking techniques are most effective.

This thing is the best way to start learning how to pick locks. This training course starts with an easy 1-pin lock, all the way up to a 5-pin lock.

This way, you'll be able to get plenty of practice in prior to any unexpected entanglements.


**Please note, an "official" tension wrench does not fit within the design of the Lock-Proof pen, but you can still pick locks by MacGyvering a tension wrench with a paper clip or bending one of the picks in the pen to use it as a tension wrench.