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Please note: If you'd like to order the Arcana Artifact, our puzzle box with both Arcana decks inside of it, head over to this link:

Three years in the making...Our biggest original release EVER.

Okay... BE COOL, because this is the biggest moment we've ever had in Scam Stuff history. (And I need at least one of us to remain calm, because I am personally freaking-the-hell-out.)

Since the day we launched Scam Stuff, people have been HOWLING for us to develop an original deck of cards... And today, I couldn't be prouder to announce our original ARCANA decks: ALPHA and OMEGA.

Oh, man, it's been an adventure creating these things.

We worked with top quality artists to create something classy, mysterious and haunting...something that feels like an artifact stolen from a secret society... a relic from another world.

This deck oozes character and backstory.  It feels somehow... alive in your hands.  Every time I look at it, I discover new hints about its world.

We worked directly with our friends at Theory11 and the US Playing Card company when designing ARCANA, so you know you're getting a no-holds-barred, top-of-the-line quality deck of premium playing cards. 

These cards are exquisite, and you're going to love them.