Extra Credit 03: Dan Martin's "Blow Me!"

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This is it... our first Extra Credit episode featuring a special guest!  Every now and then, we'll fly someone in to share some of their original presentations in an Extra Credit episode. There's a small premium to make it possible to cover their costs, but we think these special episodes are well worth the extra 99 cents.

Dan Martin is our first Extra Credit guest with his effect "Blow Me!" Make a quarter vanish and reappear on your mark's hand. Dan's dead-simple method requires some special techniques, but you'll be able to pull this off in no time after watching his first-class 20-minute walk-through of the routine and explanation.

This episode covers two different ways to perform this trick: both gimmicked and ungimmicked.  Both versions result in the same, impressive effect. The ungimmicked version can be performed with any two quarters (but may take a bit more practice). (To perform the gimmicked version, also pick up the Expanded Quarter Shell.)

Watch Dan's performance at the 7:47 mark in this episode: