Get Out of Jail Free Card

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Want to know the trick to getting out of a speeding ticket?  If you can make the cop laugh: you win.

That's where this Opportunity Card comes in.  After you're pulled over, all you have to do is whip this Get Out of Jail Free card out of your wallet and you're home free.  Even the toughest cops will still helplessly crack a smile.

In the words of Brett "Amtrekker" Rounsaville, "I know that if I was their friend, there's no way they'd give me a ticket.  So the moment I'm pulled over, I figure I've got 3 minutes to become their friend."

Again, what's the fastest way to do this? Make them laugh.  Use this gag from illusionist Mike Super to get a chuckle from the cop, and maybe save yourself a few hundred dollars in the process.

If your first attempt of showing the card is unsuccessful.  You can flip the card over and prove to them that it's "Totally valid in this state."

**Scam Stuff in no way endorses driving over the speed limit or reckless driving of any type.  Scam Stuff does not guarantee this card will grant you any type of immunity to speeding tickets.


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