Scam School Book 2: Fire (Digital Release)

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Get the physical version of Book 2: Fire with Scam School Academy!

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Bigger. Better. More badass: The Bestselling "Scam School" series of books returns with the single most advanced book of easy magic tricks ever created.  Check out the Trailer:

More video illustrations, more audio commentary, and twenty-thousand tons of the most awesome stunts, tricks, and scams that make Scam School a worldwide phenomenon.

Use non-dairy creamer to create columns of fire three feet tall! Read minds. Predict the future. Pull off nasty pranks that leave your friends feeling foolish and make you look like a BOSS. Once you've mastered these tricks, you'll be able to entertain people at the bar for nights at a time without ever repeating a trick.

Named a "Top Video Podcast" of 2008 and 2009 by iTunes, Scam School covers everything from street crime, cons, and hustles to bar scams, mind-reading, and magic tricks. Scam School Book 2: Fire is a collection of 90+ more of the very best tricks, scams, and cons from the past 250 episodes of the series.

...And best of all, Scam School Book 2 goes WITH you to the bar! Keep a copy on your smartphone, and you'll be able to review your tricks just seconds before performing them on your friends.

Get ready for complete immersion: Text, photos, video, and audio commentary all merge to revolutionize magic education. You'll not only learn WHAT do to, but WHY you should do it. Scam School Book 2: Fire is quite simply the single most immersive, effective book ever to teach simple tricks that will make you look awesome at the bar.