The Ultimate Lock Picking Trainer

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Remember that satisfying feeling of picking a lock in Fallout? Well, it's even better in real life. Lock-picking really does feel like playing a video game.

Lock picking is an exploding art, complete with professional competitions around the world. But how do you get started? Picking 5-pin locks is hard ... like really hard. If you start by just trying to pick your front door, you're going to get frustrated and give up (like I did).

But then it hit me: I was starting at the wrong end. Just like any video game, you can't start with the big boss at the end, you've gotta start at Level 1 and work your way up. That's exactly what this kit allows you to do.

Using our lock pick trainers as your tutorial levels, I promise you'll pick your first lock in under an hour.

This is the real deal. It comes with four lock picks, a tension wrench, practice stand, and five brass locks—each with a different number of pins. You'll start with a one-pin lock, and eventually work up to a five-pin beast, just like the lock on your front door!

Each time you master a level, you'll be that much closer to being able to open virtually every lock you encounter.

Plus, we're including a lock-picking manual that explains all the fundamentals. You'll learn about lock-pick guns, short-coming, raking, auto jigglers, rapping (slow down there Eminem, not that kind of rapping), padlocks, and how pin tumbler locks work.

The trainer is also compatible with our Kwikset Bump Key.

Already beat all five levels of the Ultimate Lock Pick Trainer? Check out the Legendary Lock Pick Expansion Set!


Remember, the picks included in this set are intended for opening the practice locks included and locks that you own or are authorized to access. Do not use lock picks to open locks that you do not own.

Check your local and state laws before ordering, as well as the laws of your country if you are ordering from outside the United States. If your item is confiscated by a foreign customs office for being illegal in your country, we cannot replace, refund, or reship that order.