Modern Rogue Medical-Grade Masks

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Here's my thinking: I don't know about you, but I hate the thought of being judged for wearing a certain inferior type of mask (or even not wearing a mask at all... because, yes, there are times that's appropriate, too).

So, what would be a COMPLETELY CRAZY, no-lose, Modern Rogue type of solution to this?

Well, first: it'd be a mask that is undeniably top-of-the-line. Made from the stuff doctors use. If it's good enough for open-heart surgery, it's good enough for us.

Second: it'd be a mask made right in front of Brian's goofy, smiling face, manufactured right here in Austin, Texas.

And third: it would have a truly unique design that nobody in their right mind would copy. The kind of thing that would be a beacon to everyone at every convention, party, comedy club and restaurant that screams, "CUZ I'M A MODERN ROOOOOOGUE!!!!"

That way, when we finally meet in the wild, I'll instantly know who to hug.

Luckily, we've got grownups handling the safety for us. Armbrust USA is top-of-the-line:

• 99.2% bacterial and particulate filtration
• FDA-listed surgical masks*
• ASTM Level 3 Certification

*or at least they would have been, except we changed one ear loop color. So technically these are a brand-new device merely manufactured in an FDA-registered USA factory here in Austin.

Our goal is to get you enough of these to last you a while. You can always wear "anyday" masks whenever, but we want these to be your special "steppin' out" masks.

If you use one a week, a single pack should last you a year. Feel free to buy two if you're worried, because we don't know if we'll ever be able to do this again.

It’s $50 for 50 masks. We know these aren't the cheapest, but this isn’t about wearing cheap masks. This is about supporting a community that you belong to, and looking super badass while doing it.

It's about us knowing that we love you from across the room. It's about you feeling just a little bit smug, because you know you're rocking best-of-breed filtration.

It's a bold, silly, audacious move, that has us all rocking medical-grade equipment and feeling like champs.

You in? Because I'm stoked.

Grab a pack right this minute!