The Scoundrel's Toolkit!

The Scoundrel's Toolkit!

Launch your own personal Project Mayhem with this toolkit to attack the senses:

  • Clear a whole room with the power of sound using Sonic Nausea! Confusing, screeching, mysterious and unavailable anywhere else!
  • Change the social discourse with a TOTAL MAYHEM Sticker Pack! Watch innocent people yell at their toasters, try to park in odd places, and wave to the coffee maker.
  • Dare your friends to a mouthful of 30,000 Scoville units with the infamous Ghost Pepper Gumballs!
  • Demonstrate the incredible powers of the Placebo Band—channel holographic energy to resonate the natural field of their body and then reveal to them it was all in their head. That last part is optional.

If purchased separately, these items would cost $81, but get them together in The Scoundrel's Toolkit for just $52.99! That's over 33 percent off!

It's like a sensual attack! Wait … no … um … phrasing.