One for Dad, One for the Grad!

Hey guys! Max here from Scam Stuff.

Father's day is just around the corner on June 18th, and I've been looking for something to show my appreciation. Normally I'd spend hours and hours searching for the best combo of all the right stuff, but then I realized I also needed something for my brother. (He's just about to graduate!)

Late one night, I gave Brian a quick call and said, "Hey! What if we took all our coolest Scam Stuff and bundled it together at a discount?" He loved the idea, so that's exactly what we did.

This week, we put together the ultimate gift bundle for dads and grads alike—and it just so happens these bundles also save you piles of cold hard currency.

Each bundle was hand-selected, putting our best stuff in one package at an awesome discount. From the GOOD bundle to the GOODER and even the GOODEST, we've got you covered.

Besides, everybody needs a new wallet packed with awesome EDC Scam Stuff!



PS: Have you seen the new Modern Rogue episode? Learn how to taste whisky like a proper gent (and make Grandpa proud.)