Extra Credit

Extra Credit

What is Extra Credit?  Soon into the launch of Scam School, I frequently had requests to teach larger, more complicated tricks and feats on the show. The problem is, Scam School has always been about learning a simple concept that, even after a few beers, you could half-remember the episode and still have a decent chance at pulling it off.  Extra Credit is for those of you who want to give some extra time and effort to practicing a more advanced technique.  While you'll be devoting more time, man is it going to be worth it – if what you've learned on Scam School has scored you a fair share of free cold ones, Extra Credit is going to do you wonders.  Give me $2 and 20 minutes and I'll go through all you need to know for these more advanced routines.

List of Released Episodes:

Episode 001: The 3 Coin Trick

Episode 002: 3 False Cuts, 3 False Shuffles