How To Perform Buccaneer's Bounty

Offer the scratch off to a friend in exchange for a drink — or just for fun.

But don’t give the ticket to them just yet. First, ask them to choose a number from one to six.

No matter which number they choose, you are able to force them to the position third from the left. This is the position where the “one hug” prize is located.

If they say three, you simply count from the left to arrive at that position.

If they say one, two, five, or six, you turn over the card and read the first two lines of the instructions up to the point where it says “spell to that position.”

Since the prize spaces aren’t numbered, you have the freedom to start spelling from either the left or the right. If they chose one, two, or six, you would spell from the left O-N-E, or T-W-O, or S-I-X.

Since they all have three letters, you’ll end up on the third position with the hug again.

If they say “five,” you simply spell from the **right** side F-I-V-E. This also brings you to the third position from the left.

If they say four, you have the option of counting or spelling from the **right** side to land on the same circle.

No matter what number they choose, you are able to direct the result to the third circle from the left with the hug prize.

Don’t spend too much time on this and don’t give them a chance to challenge you on the position. Just count or spell to the force circle and scratch a little bit away before saying, “Hey, this is your prize, you should finish scratching it off.”

Then, after they win the hug, you simply say, “Just for fun, let’s see what else you could have won” and let them scratch off the other circles to reveal all of the huge prizes.

Have fun!


PS: Here's a video of Brian walking through the trick.