real talk.

Okay, so... real talk? We're doing a huge sale today. (Be sure to see the full collection of products!)

Basically, we’ve outgrown everything and are trying to buy seven acres out in west Austin and build the Scam Stuff/Modern Rogue World Headquarters.

This would be the biggest step we’ve ever taken, and MAN we’ve got some wild ideas for it that you’re going to love.

BUUUUUT, first we’ve got to come up with cash for the closing costs, and taxes just completely wiped us out last month.

So we’re doing a sale this weekend—the biggest one of the year. We’re bringing back all the prices from Black Friday 2017, which I’m sure you know are the deepest discounts we ever, ever do.

We’re thinking this is a win/win: we liquidate some stock, you guys make a killing on bargains, and we all get to enjoy the beginning of the next great chapter of this adventure. (Fingers crossed!)

Thanks for being here! You guys are really making some magic happen for us.