The Rogue's Assassin Instructions

Rogue’s Assassin Wallet Instructions

Anything you can do with the Rogue’s Ultimate Magic Wallet, you can do (to some degree) with the Rogue’s Assassin. We will post clarifications here for specific adaptations, but for right now, you can learn all about what each glyphs on your wallet means by watching the instructional video we put together for The Rogue’s Ultimate Magic Wallet.

Just head on over to and use the password that’s printed on the insert that came inside your wallet, and you’ll be all set.

For more routines specifically focused on The Rogue’s Assassin (a/k/a the Stealth Assassin), check out the video from the original manufacturer at and use the same password printed on the insert in your Rogue’s Assassin Wallet.

For any other questions, email Enjoy!