We've got a very serious problem, and we need your help immediately.

Brian and Jason explain our plight, while making way too many poop jokes:


TL;DR: We found out that the Modern Rogue World Headquarters, our brand new 7-acre property has no septic system whatsoever, and we have to come up with $30,000 to install one. 

So we're doing an extremely limited, 72-hour sale of 21 varieties of Modern Rogue T-shirts. These are rare and special, and we can't guarantee you'll ever see them again.

There's 7 originals, 7 alternate color schemes, and 7 women's styles available. All of them look awesome and 100% of all profits go to making the MRHQ safe for our team and for you (when you come visit us.)

All shirts have 2 prices: $35 to the public, and $25 for patrons (any level).

If you become a patron on Patreon at any pledge level, you'll immediately receive a special discount code that you can use at checkout to get the $25 price, and you can buy as many shirts as you want.

Yes: if you become a $5/month supporter, you can buy 10 men's shirts and save $100 (which we're hoping you'll spend on supporting us at $5/month for two years).

Oh, and get this: shipping is FREE on US orders over $200! (Intl. orders get $25 refunded).

We're in some serious sh*t because we can't sh*t. If you like our sh*t, buy a shirt, become a patron, or save money now by doing both:

Go to: Originals & Patreon Exclusives 
Go to: New T-Shirt Variations
Go to: Women's T-Shirts

Donate directly to our campaign (a.k.a. "throw your money in our sh*tter")

All orders are pre-orders, and the printing process will begin after the promotion ends. Some variants are available only to Patreon Patrons at the $30 level. These shirts have "Patreon Exclusive" in their title. If you purchase one of these shirts (or a bundle containing one of these shirts) and are not a $30 patron on Patreon, we'll need to get you signed up at that level or swap out the shirt for the non-exclusive variant of that style.