The Arcana Artifact

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Note: no excess force is needed to open up the box.

Years in the making, we present to you, the amazing Arcana Artifact!

Since the day we launched Scam Stuff, people have been HOWLING for us to develop an original deck of cards. So we did, and proudly announce our original ARCANA decks: ALPHA and OMEGA.

Oh, man, it's been an adventure creating these things.

We worked with top quality artists to create something classy, mysterious and haunting— something that feels like an artifact stolen from a secret society— a relic from another world.

This deck oozes character and backstory.  It feels somehow... alive in your hands.  Every time we look at it, we discover new hints about its world.

We worked directly with our friends at theory11 and the US Playing Card company when designing ARCANA, so you know you're getting a no-holds-barred, top-of-the-line quality deck of premium playing cards. 

These cards are exquisite, and you're going to love them.

But to accompany our spectacular cards, we wanted to create something truly unforgettable.

While they last, you can get the full Arcana Artifact experience, and it’s one of the coolest things we've ever created here at Scam Stuff.

The Arcana Artifact

The limited-edition Arcana Artifact comes in an heirloom-quality locked puzzle box, and here's the important part: we will not give you the combination to get inside.

I know that sounds insane, but this is your test:  by now you've seen plenty of Scam School lessons on lock-picking, puzzle-solving, and social engineering.

You have all the skills of a modern rogue at your disposal to get this thing open, and you already have all the information you need to solve this puzzle.

And once you open it, you get to join a very special, very exclusive club.

Inside the box you'll find both Arcana Alpha and Arcana Omega, along with an extremely limited edition numbered challenge coin.

The Arcana Artifact

This is your Scam School diploma.  Once you solve the puzzle, you'll join an elite league of Modern Rogues.  Those who have put their Scam School skills to the test and opened the Arcana Artifact.

That's right.  The cards and coin are locked away in the box, and we're not giving you the answer to get inside.

But oh the sweet, sweet sense of victory when you unlock your coin and see the decks?  You'll never forget that.

More importantly, if Brian ever catches you out in the wild with this challenge coin in hand?  He’ll owe you a drink on the spot.  Because he'll know you're a true Modern Rogue.

Oh, man ... you're gonna love this, and we can't wait to hear about your adventure with it.

*Please note, some images represent a near-complete work in progress.  Final released product may differ slightly.

Product measurements:

Arcana Artifact: 3.771” (w) x 4.787” (l) x 2.944” (h)
Arcana Deck: 2.555” (w) x 3.563” (l) x 0.676” (h)
Arcana Challenge Coin: 1.759” (diameter) x 0.132” (h)