The Brian Brushwood Book Test

Did you see? The Book Test was featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon by NYC magician Dan White:

This is it: the Ultimate Book Test. Years in the making, and (until now) performed by only a dozen mentalists worldwide.

Think about this for a moment ... what would the perfect Book Test look like?  It would offer multiple, well-known bestsellers to choose from.  The books could be examined before the performance, and then your volunteer could have a truly free selection of any word from any page in any book.  

And yet the performer would be able to figure out almost instantly what their secret selected word is.  And that's just one of the three separate effects built into these books.

Here's the flaw with every other Book Test out there:  If you want to divine a word selected from a book, you either need a crooked way to force someone's word selection, or you need a crooked book.  Forcing a word selection adds so many steps that your audience quickly becomes suspicious of just how "free" this word selection is.  And there are a bunch of fantastic Book Tests out there that use crooked books, but none of them have titles that your audience has ever heard of, let alone read.  So your audience is left guessing that the method involves some kind of tricky book (and, of course, they'll be right).

This Book Test is completely different.  Your volunteers will truly have a free choice of any word in the book.  Meanwhile, all three books look like real books they've read before— because they are the real books they've read before.  Each book in the Brian Brushwood Book Test is an authentic copy of a well-known bestseller that has been diabolically altered to make possible the most stunning version of a Book Test created to date.  The books easily pass inspection before the trick begins:  there's no question that these are the exact same books that they've read and enjoyed in the past.

Take a look at the Brian Brushwood Book Test in action (performance starts six minutes in):

There are only a few key parts to memorize for the effect. You'll have perfect cover for gathering what little information you need, and the effect will be absolutely stunning.

Best of all? This is only one of three possible effects.

Imagine asking your volunteer to pick any book, open to any page, and find some dialogue between two characters. Ask them to choose the biggest, most interesting word in their conversation, and then ask them to open the sealed envelope you handed them before they even looked at the book. 

And imagine their surprise when their selected word exactly matches your sealed prediction.

No switches, no sleight of hand, no verbal trickery— just a total miracle. And with no hard work on your part, whatsoever.

Finally: Imagine you have a book selected, and have three random volunteers offer numbers to select a page. While they turn to their page, you draw an image and hold your prediction in plain sight. After they turn to their page, they read the first line, and are shocked to discover that it exactly describes your drawing.  Had they selected the page before or the page after, the image described would have been different. Only the page they selected perfectly matches your drawing.

Each of the dozen widely-known mentalists currently performing this effect paid over $1,200 for the full set of three books. At $400 per book, it is the most expensive Book Test ever released on the magic market, partly because constructing these books is a very tedious, very expensive process and partly because it's simply the best Book Test available on planet Earth at this moment, and should remain exclusive.

But most importantly: this pricing is based on the fact that only 500 complete sets will ever, and can ever be made.

Brian hadn't planned to release this Book Test for a few more years, but recently found out that Random House only had 600 units remaining of the 1990 hardcover of The Shining in stock. Worse yet: They said they had no plans to print any more.

This is the best Book Test of its kind ever created. Once these complete sets are made, that’s it, and there will be no more, ever. You have guaranteed superiority of product, and guaranteed scarcity forever. There's no doubt that these sets will become valued collectors’ items.