The Covert Razor Wire Nickel Saw!

It fits in your pocket, looks like two ordinary nickels, and will cut into everything with a hardness less than diamonds.

See the "unboxing" video here:

Since we’re all excited about MRHQ and a little lightheaded from the 110 degree heat, we put together a bundle that includes:

  • The Covert Razor Wire Saw, 
  • One Replacement Blade,
  • An 11-in-1 All Access Card Multitool
  • Extra Credit 001: The Three Coin Trick, and
  • A Butterfly Bottle Opener!
  • $5 in ScamCash for the first 100 rogues to get this bundle.

That’s over $65 worth of stuff, for just $41.99!

That’s right—cash back!

If you’re one of these lucky 100, that means you’ll be able to get the whole bundle for about the same price as the Covert Razor Wire Saw by itself. Jump in today and be prepared to escape anything!