Escape from Handcuffs

Escape from Handcuffs

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If you haven't opened a set of handcuffs with a shim yet, you're in for an incredible experience. Gliding the handcuffs open after hearing the "click" is insanely satisfying.

We've put an 
Escape from Handcuffs kit together to help guide you through the process.

It's easier than you might think to open a pair of handcuffs with a shim or a paperclip; all it takes is a bit of practice and a simple understanding of how a handcuff works.

The highlight of the kit is a clear cuff that allows you to see how all of the mechanisms work, giving you a much better understanding of how to bypass the handcuffs.

That's a shot of Jon bypassing the clear cuff with the included micro escape shim (the same shim we use with the Rogue's Ring).

In a classic episode of Scam School, escape master Dan Martin taught us how to successfully shim a pair of handcuffs using the clear cuff:


Once you master the clear cuffs, you'll be able to envision what you're doing on an opaque pair.  Since you'll want to try your new-found skills out on a standard pair of handcuffs, we've included that along with the Lace Escape tool, my absolute favorite covert handcuff key.

The Lace Escape Tool snaps on to any shoe lace and will allow you to open any pair of handcuff keys...

It's only $20 by itself, but we're including it free with every Escape from Handcuffs kit.  If you remember we showed this off on Scam School a while back: 

So the full kit includes the clear cuff, a standard pair of handcuffs, the Lace Escape Tool (my absolute favorite covert handcuff key), a bunch of paperclips, and the same micro escape tool that we use in the
Rogue's Ring.

All of that separately would run you about $70, but we have the full kit available for just $59.99, which includes:
  • Clear cuff training handcuff tool
  • Standard pair of handcuffs
  • Lace Escape Tool (the best covert handcuff key)
  • Micro-escape shim (the same shim used for the Rogue's Ring!)
  • Paperclips for handcuff picking

Plus, if you really want to take things to the next level, check out the latest handcuff conquering epsiode of Scam School where lockpicking master Jgor teaches us how to bypass double-locked handcuffs: