Dollar Coin Rings by Alex Rangel (Ships early December in time for Christmas)

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Please note: since these rings are handmade to order, they won't ship until early December, but they will arrive in time for Christmas!

Dollar Coin Rings are back with an extremely limited run. These gorgeous rings are made from actual currency! Check out how magician and metalmaster Alex Rangel smash coins like Thor to make a truly one-of-a-kind treasure.

$99.99: Presidential Dollar Coin Rings
$199.99: Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Rings

  • Hand-crafted to order by Alex Rangel
  • Stamped with Modern Rogue / Alex Rangel authenticity mark 
  • Signed and numbered certificate included
  • Extremely limited run

We learned how to smash coins into gorgeous rings, and it was awesome!

But even better than learning how to do it was learning that magician/metalsmith Alex Rangel has promised to personally do a very limited run for us, just in time for the holidays!

You know Alex Rangel. He's worked with world-famous magicians including David Blaine, and he's an all-star guest on Scam Nation.

So it was a bit of a surprise when he mentioned that he crafts real currency into these amazing rings:

I immediately demanded he show us how. It was an awesome episode of Modern Rogue, and you should watch it.


But I was even more surprised when he offered to make 100 of these incredible rings for us.

AND EVEN MORE SURPRISED when he said each ring will have a unique Modern Rogue / Alex Rangel maker's mark stamp and come with a signed and numbered certificate.

They're absolutely gorgeous and you have two types to choose from:

Type 1 is the Presidential Dollar, which is like the one we made on the show. It's light and elegant with a brassy gold finish. ($99)

Type 2 is an authentic Morgan Silver Dollar minted 100 years ago and contains just under an ounce of real silver. ($199)

Alex says, "It's like having history at your fingertips."

I agree 100%. You can really feel it; this thing is big and beefy and makes you feel awesome. We are unbelievably honored that he's willing the make some for us.

Here's a word from Alex:

"What's happening Scam Fans–I just returned home from a few pretty fun adventures, including attending the largest magic convention in the US! There I ran into the captain of the ship, Mr. Brian Brushwood himself. We got to chatting about re-releasing a very limited run of coin rings for the holiday season.

I couldn't think of a better idea, so that is exactly what we are doing. If you don't know, every coin ring is sourced and handmade by me. They are custom stamped with a Brian Brushwood / Alex Rangel collab logo, making each of them a truly one-of-a-kind piece. I take my time on every order as if I were making it for my own family, and I'd love to make one for you.

With my schedule and other projects for the year, I'm not sure when I'll be making another batch again, so if you've been looking at getting one, now is the time!"

Rings are made-to-order and numbered in the order they are received. If you'd like to get one in time for the holidays, we strongly suggest jumping in early!

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