Houdini's Cell

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Once a year, I get to announce a secret project we've been working on all year, and today's that day. I'm incredibly excited about what we've come up with, and I think you will be, too.

Introducing Houdini's Cell.

Houdini's Cell is hands-down the biggest, heaviest, most jam-packed-with-value puzzle box experience we've ever designed. Not only does it look great, it also comes with so many extras that perfectly fit with the story of Houdini.

You really have to hold this beast in your hands to appreciate how amazing it feels. It's two pounds of awesomeness. Plus, it's possibly the most challenging puzzle box we've yet offered.

The limited-edition Houdini's Cell comes in an heirloom-quality locked puzzle box made of exotic Raintree wood, and we're not telling you how to get inside.

By now you've seen 10 years of Scam School lessons on lock-picking, puzzle-solving, and social engineering. You have all the skills of a modern rogue at your disposal, and we know you can decipher the clues and unlock the Cell.

And when you do, you'll instantly become part of a very exclusive club.

Inside the box you'll find a special edition, individually-numbered jackknife lock pick set. Remember the challenge coins from our previous puzzle boxes? Just think of this as a challenge coin that happens to also pick locks. 

Flash one of these to me in the wild, and I owe you a drink on the spot.

It is yours for joining the elite league of Modern Rogues who successfully put their skills to the test and opened Houdini's Cell.

Once inside the Cell, you'll find the just-released premium Hudson deck of theory11 playing cards, the limited edition numbered jackknife lock pick set, a see-through padlock for learning and practicing the art of lock picking, a set of tactical thumbcuffs, materials for making escape shims, a lifetime supply of invisible thread, and (holy cow, yes) there's even more:

You'll also get an etched bottle opener that's secretly a USB flash drive containing a Digital Houdini Museum full of silent films starring Houdini, complete books written by Houdini, posters, articles, and even part of the only known audio recording of Houdini.

Oh, and it also contains multimedia-enhanced versions of Scam School books 1 and 2 **and** hours and hours of our premium Extra Credit video magic tutorials.  

(I'm telling you. We went all-out on this one.)

All of these are your reward for cracking the code and being one of the first inside. Pretty sure you're going to remember that moment forever.

Houdini's Cell is the largest, heaviest, most challenging puzzle box we've made yet, and it's jam-packed with the most goodies. Get yours today!