The Outlaws Vault

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Our biggest, most challenging puzzle box combined with our newest deck!



Once a year, we get to announce the secret thing we've been working on forever, and today is that day. Two, brand-new all-stars in our lineup: The Outlaws Crimson Deck and The Outlaws Vault.

Let's start with The Outlaws Vault: It's the best puzzle box experience we've ever designed. The Vault not only looks amazing, it also tells a deeper narrative than we've put into any of our previous puzzle boxes.

You just really have to hold it in your hands to appreciate how awesome it feels. Plus, it's the most challenging puzzle box we've ever offered.


The limited-edition Outlaws Vault comes in an heirloom-quality locked puzzle box made of exotic Raintree wood, but we're not telling you how to get inside.

By now you've seen 10 years of Scam School lessons on lock-picking, puzzle-solving, and social engineering. You have all the skills of a modern rogue at your disposal, and we know you can decipher the clues and make the leaps of logic required to unlock the Vault.

And when you do, you'll instantly become part of a very exclusive club.

Inside the box you'll find both Outlaws Crimson and the Original Outlaws decks, along with an extremely limited edition numbered challenge coin.



It's yours for joining the elite league of Modern Rogues who successfully put their skills to the test and opened the Vault.

Once inside, you'll find both decks of cards, the numbered challenge coin, and there's even a signed piece of Outlaws memorabilia. All you have to do is use all your roguish wisdom to discover the way inside.

(If you reeeeaaally need a hint, just hit me up.)

But oh the sweet taste of victory when you crack the code and are among the first to actually see and hold the decks and challenge coin. You'll remember that moment forever.

And the challenge coin comes with the same deal as the ones before: if Brian ever catches you out in the wild with the coin in hand, he owes you a drink on the spot. Because that tells me I'm in the presence of a true Modern Rogue.

Not only that, tweet Brian a picture of your success, and he'll @reply you with a video congratulations, right there where the whole world can see it!

The Outlaws Vault also introduces a new chapter for the Outlaws brand of playing cards—the gorgeous red variant Outlaws Crimson


This deck complements and completes the original Outlaws deck perfectly. They might just become your favorite deck to use every day.

Man oh man are you gonna love The Outlaws Vault, and we can't wait to hear about all of your wild adventures with it.


Artwork by: Mei Li

PS: So that's a a one-of-a-kind limited edition Vault, two decks of premium-quality playing cards, a genuine story-driven mystery for you to solve, a uniquely numbered challenge coin that gets you into a super-elite secret society, and a piece of signed memorabilia. Seriously—what's not to love? Get yours before we run out!