Win at Thanksgiving!

5 Ways to Win at Thanksgiving!

What do you mean it's not a contest? Of course it's a contest. Here's 5 rad projects to guarantee you're the hero of this year's Best Thanksgiving Ever™!


1. The Rogue's Brew Kit has EVERYTHING you need to make your own batch of the Rogue's Brew: an American brown ale that's simply delicious.

If you order this weekend, you've got just enough time to brew your very first batch by Thanksgiving, plus the full brew kit is $50 off! That's right: everything you need to brew your first batch of beer for just $99.

2. The Contender is hilarious party game (and you don't need to know a thing about politics!).  Sound the most presidential during your family's debate, and you might get to be the president who pardons the turkey.

The best new party game is $10 off THIS WEEKEND ONLY: just $19.99!

3. Miracle Fruit Tablets will get the whole family together for an hour you'll always remember:  Raw lemons will taste like candy.  Straight vinegar will taste like Gatorade.  None of you have experienced anything like this, and you're going to love it.

Turn lemons into lemonade for just $14.99.

4. Ghost Pepper Gumballs are the best.  Dare your craziest uncle to pop one of these and let the fire follow. They start out like sweet cinnamon and end with hellish inferno.  What's not to love?

A bazillion scoville units for just $12.99

5. The Scam School Books will give you hundreds of effects that you can pull of on the holidays to impress your family and friends.

Experience the best of Scam School starting at $12.95.

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