Force a card with zero sleight of hand!

…with a limited run Outlaws Crimson 50/50 Forcing Deck!

Here’s what's so great about having a 50/50 deck in your arsenal: the deck looks normal when you spread it face up, but when you spread the cards face down and offer one to a spectator, 100% of the available cards are your secret force card.

It's great. It's easy. It seems totally fair, and it fools everyone.

We've got limited quantities, but right now you can get a TWO-deck bundle, including a pristine Outlaws Crimson deck for all your regular tricks AND the super-secret outlaws 50/50 deck for $24.99.

That's a special Crimson forcing deck plus a normal deck of Outlaws Crimson for less than the price of two regular decks! And you can even choose which force deck you get. :)

Grab yours here today!