Lishi Pick Bundle (With 5 Collectible MR Cards)

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Note: These two Lishi lock picks (SC20 & KW5) work on BOTH 5-pin locks and 6-pin locks. 

OK, so I just watched a total noob with zero experience pick a door lock in seconds. This is magic.

This is a big deal, and we've only got a few in stock. It's a new type of all-in-one lock pick, where you don't need skill or experience to open most residential locks.

This thing makes it so easy, it's like magic.

Watch this video of Jeff. He's never, ever attempted to pick any lock, ever.  Look at the absolute delight on his face as he shocks himself by opening a 5-pin lock (just like the one you have at home) ... in SECONDS: 

The secret of the Lishi lock pick is that it doesn't leave anything to chance.

You don't need a tension wrench, because it's built in. You don't need to worry about aligning the pick, because it works on a swivel. And best of all, you never ever have to guess where the pins are, because they've drawn a map for you right on the pick!

Got a door you've lost your key to? This is your real-life skeleton key to get that door open!

Here's the only technical stuff you need to know:

Almost every residential lock in the USA is either Kwikset or Schlage brand locks, and there are two flavors of each: 5-pin locks (that use keys with five bumpy parts), and 6-pin locks (that use keys with six bumpy bits).

Together, these two lockpicks grant access to both Kwikset and Schlage 5-pin AND 6-pin locks—found on millions of doors across the USA and elsewhere.

Imagine never worrying about losing your housekeys again, and getting the chance to master the art of lockpicking in just seconds.

I’ve been lock picking for 14 years. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen since bump keys. And unlike regular picks, snap guns, or bump keys... these will also decode the lock so you can order a replacement key!

In case you missed it before: anyone, regardless of experience, can open a door in 10-100 seconds with these tools.

These are Genuine Lishi, so you know they’re the real thing. And because we're partnering with Red Team Alliance, you also get the EXCLUSIVE 3D-printed spacer that lets your two lockpicks do the job of four!

Oh, and just to sweeten the deal? We'll throw in a set of FIVE Modern Rogue collectible trading cards with every purchase.

PS: Yeah, we realize that's an insanely good deal on the "Both for less" bundle. ;)